Our rights, our citizenship, our future

About Us

Sometime around July 2012, an online group discussion under the leadership of Matthew S. Moore, involving several Deaf Community advocates, including Laurene Simms, Michele Westfall, David O. Reynolds, Tami Hossler, Helen Young, and a few others. (We will be adding their names as they approve our including them.)

On March 29, 2013, a group of seven local Deaf persons (Ritchie Fisher, Pamela Conley, Jonathan Dollhopf, Dean DeRusso, David D. Long, and Cindy A. Sanders, with Moore hosting the meeting), and J. David McCloskey, interpreter, participating, met in Rochester and agreed to go forward with plans to establish
We the Deaf People.

We come from a variety of backgrounds—schools for the deaf and mainstream public schools—but we have much in common and share commitment to the causes of safeguarding ASL (Deaf people's civil and language rights), promoting literacy, empowerment, better employment opportunities for Deaf people, and improving public attitudes towards the Deaf community.

We will continue to add more people to our core team as we grow. This organization has been established to serve all Deaf people.